US High End Fake Rolex Explorer II “Polar” (16570)

For the longest time after I got into watches, Swiss made fake Rolex US just wasn’t a brand that was on my radar. Many people I knew had Rolex replica watches online, and they all looked and felt too similar to one another. The text on the dial seemed repetitive, almost every model had a cyclops, and the lack of a display case back was disappointing. To say perfect replica Rolex was an acquired taste for me is an understatement. While I find these watches far from the best in the industry, their brand ethos, recognizability, and robustness can’t be overappreciated!

The Submariner and GMT-Master were too predictable, the Daytona was simply unattainable, and the Datejust wasn’t sporty enough. So by the process of elimination, I decided to go for this cheap fake Rolex Explorer II “Polar.” It was the Rolex that helped me understand what it is about the brand that put it in its untouchable position. I purchased this high quality replica Rolex US in the summer of 2018, and I admit that I wasn’t really ready for the purchase at the time. However, I had decided this would be my entry into the brand, and when I saw all other sports models’ prices increasing rapidly, I decided to buy it even if a little prematurely. Looking back at how the prices developed and how the 1:1 replica Rolex is still in active rotation, this is a decision I definitely don’t regret.

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