Jack Harlow Only Needs Two Best USA Fake Rolex Watches In His Life

“I’m not materialistic“ Jack Harlow told GQ in his 10 Essentials video from 2020, before adding, “But I got this recently and I’m in love with it.” The object of his affection? Stainless steel Swiss made Rolex Sky Dweller replica watches with a blue face. By the standard of many rappers, Harlow has a relatively low-key watch collection that perfectly matches his dress sense and vibe. With its fluted bezel and ingenious dial design – in which a dual time zone is represented by a rotating disc – the AAA US fake Rolex Sky Dweller watches fits the bill perfectly.

Fellow rap titans such as Drake, Jay Z and Skepta prefer it in opulent yellow or rose gold, whereas the stainless steel high quality replica Rolex watches in Harlow’s collection chimes with the day-to-day simplicity of plain hoodies, jeans and varsity jackets and his favourite New Balance 990s. “I didn’t fantasise about cheap Rolex copy watches growing up,” Harlow continued. “But now that I have one, I really could see myself building a collection.”

In 2022, that collection is beginning to take shape. Harlow went to the recent VMA’s dressed in a leather jacket and roll neck wearing a stainless steel 40mm perfect Rolex GMT-Master II replica watches, aka the blue and black ‘Batman’ bezel. The classic Swiss movements fake Rolex watches, which was originally designed for Pan American pilots who needed to see at a glance what timezone they were in, is an instantly recognisable symbol of wealth and glamour (and also a favourite of Ben Affleck).

Top Rolex replica watches and rappers are inseparable and have been since the ’80s. A gold Rolex was the original grail watch for a rapper. Before Jay Z was wearing a custom-made Richard Mille or the ultra-rare Tiffany dial Patek Philippe Nautilus, he could be seen on the cover of ‘In My Lifetime’ with gold Rolex Datejust super clone watches wholesale on his wrist. Before him, everyone from Run DMC, LL Cool J and EPMD, wore a gold Rolex, usually a Datejust. Rolexes, like Kangol hats and Adidas Gazelles are a key part of the iconography of that era.

Today, their instant recognisability as a symbol of wealth and success ensures luxury replica Rolex watches remains relevant to a new generation of rappers such as Harlow, who while demonstrating some restraint by opting for stainless steel rather than gold and dripping in ice, is still following in the footsteps of rap legends who have been wearing the brand since before he was born. We’re already excited to see what 2023 may bring for Jack Harlow’s wrist – any predictions?

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