Why I Bought It: US Vintage 1:1 Replica Rolex Day-Date Reference 1803

I was meeting with owner Farid Froon to discuss a mutual project and had zero intentions of buying a watch, let alone a perfect replica Rolex Day-Date Reference 1803 from 1976. However, this luxury super clone Rolex happened to be on Froon’s desk as it had just come in from service. As a true watch junkie, I had to try it on. And that is something that I probably shouldn’t have done.
Falling into place
It was one of those moments when everything falls into place. And my immediate infatuation with the watch may have had something to do with my outfit of the day. It was lovely weather, perfect for khakis and an Italian linen shirt, which both flawlessly matched the look of this Reference 1803. All fell into place, and at that moment I knew that this had to become my AAA quality replica Rolex Day-Date.

As it is a cheap replica Rolex US, details matter, especially for this Reference 1803. It was made in 1976, the last year that Rolex offered this reference with a café au lait-colored dial and white pad printing.

This latter detail makes all the difference as it is less pronounced than black printing and under certain angles it seems to disappear altogether. It gives the dial some ghost-like characteristics that only further add to the appeal of the copy watch.
Froon had already nicknamed it “El Fantasma de la Habana,” in English “The ghost of Havana.” There is a lot to say for this nickname as I can easily imagine myself wearing a nice linen suit while smoking a cigar while walking down a boulevard in Havana on my way to a perfectly chilled Cuba Libre. The only problem with this is that I don’t smoke, have never been to Cuba, and prefer other cocktails over the Cuba Libre. But that is all beside the point.

Perfect patina
The appeal of a vintage Rolex Day-Date replica for sale is part patina and part preservation. I don’t like watches that have too much patina, but I also don’t want them to look nearly new. These aspects have to be in balance to be right for me. And this top copy Rolex Reference 1803 is the perfect combination.

The case is still clean and preserves that sharp look. The tritium dots on the dial have damaged the area right around them, which makes them not only more visible but also look something like fried eggs. It gives the Swiss made fake Rolex Day-Date a sense of vintage charm, more so because Reference 1803 has a pie-pan dial. This effect is relatively modest as only the section with the minute track is curved. While this doesn’t turn it into an Omega Constellation, it does add an element of depth and more play of light.

As a yellow gold Swiss movement copy Rolex of this age, the metal has a slight hint of pink to it because the alloy used at that time contained a higher amount of copper. It makes the watch look warmer, and perhaps that is also why Cuba came right to mind when I saw it. This tone truly comes to life on the brushed surfaces on top of the lugs. I always prefer yellow gold over pink as I find the latter often a bit too harsh and enjoy the classic look of yellow gold more.

This tone, however, offers the perfect balance to satisfy both cravings.

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