The US Swiss Replica Rolex GMT-Master (1954)

When Pan-American Airlines held a brief monopoly on trans-Atlantic flights after WWII, the airline requested a pilot’s watch from US perfect replica Rolex that could manage multiple time zones.

The 1:1 fake Rolex GMT-Master was Rolex’s answer. With a 24-hour hand added to the center arbor and a fixed 24-hour timing bezel, pilots could now monitor local as well as, say, GMT time. This was all housed in an Oyster case and included the “cyclops” date magnifier made popular on the Datejust.

Pilots had become heroes, sex symbols, and role models during WWII, and many commercial pilots in the 1950s had served in the war. The cheap replica Rolex GMT-Master swiftly became popular with world travelers who admired these pilots, but the watch wasn’t as readily available to the commercial market until the 1960s when tool watches were becoming increasingly popular for daily wear.

In 1989, aaa quality fake Rolex US released the GMT-Master II with a new movement and slimmer case, and in 2007 the third generation GMT-Masters were released with ceramic bezels and an even more advanced movement that hosted a suite of modern updates. Never as famous as the Sub or the Daytona, the high quality replica Rolex GMT-Master remains a fan favorite nonetheless and is, accordingly, pretty hard to get — especially in all steel.

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