The 1:1 Luxury Rolex Replica Watches For USA Of Stone Island Founder Massimo Osti

Massimo Osti was as a graphic designer who experimented with prints on clothes in the 1970s. When his try-outs became popular, he accidentally stumbled into designing clothes. Research and innovation were his main drives; he never called himself a fashion designer. In private, Osti also loved cars, sailing vessels and watches. He loved AAA Rolex replica watches so much, that he even created a watch viewer in the sleeve of one his most iconic designs, the C.P. Company Mille Miglia ‘goggle’ jacket: a protective window on the left sleeve, located at the wrist, to allow brief glance at one’s wristwatch at any given moment. (Note that Osti was left-handed and wore his watch on his right wrist). A smaller version of this watch viewer has now become C.P. Company’s brand sign.

Massimo Osti – The watch collector

In the book titled “Ideas From Massimo Osti”, written and compiled by Osti’s spouse Daniela Facchinato, Massimo is depicted with a steel Rolex, holding the original, green-edged Stone Island badge between his fingers. Osti owned a few best USA Rolex fake watches, but he was a watch collector in the first place. Mrs Facchinato remembers Massimo’s love for watches very well. “Massimo wore a watch every day, he loved his watches. There was no plan behind collecting them, but he just bought the ones he liked and never let them go”. Fratello is proud to present and discuss Massimo Osti’s watch collection for the first time, pictured here with some masterpieces from the Massimo Osti Archive.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual ‘Bubbleback’ in steel (1940s)

C.P. Company leather overcoat with woolen blanket lining (1980s)

Replica Rolex Bubbleback Watches in steel

Massimo Osti must have liked the high quality copy Rolex Bubbleback watches since he had two of them. As stated above, there has been a variety of dials during its production years. This Bubbleback has a steel case, a military-style dial with bold Arabic numerals on the even hours, and a dash every other hour. The cheap Rolex replica watches features luminous markers and hands and a sweeping seconds hand. There’s also a 60 seconds index in the dial’s outer rim, divided into steps of 5. Bubblebacks are some of the earliest wristwatches available by Rolex, made around the 1930s.

The movements were developed by Aegler in collaboration with Rolex. And if you ever wondered why these China Rolex fake watches were nicknamed Bubbleback: the back of the watch has a convex shape. Massimo’s steel is likely to be a reference 2940 in steel from the mid-1940s, and it has radium luminous hands and dial. The watch is pictured on a 1980s Massimo Osti masterpiece for C.P. Company, combining leather with a wool liner, which is, in fact, a blanket. If you spread the coat, the brand name is knitted in the blanket pattern.

Rolex GMT-Master 16700 (1989 – 2001)

Stone Island Reflective Jacket (1991)

Fake Rolex GMT-Master Watches

Robert-Jan compiled a historical timeline of the world’s most desired GMT watch here on Fratello: The wholesale replica Rolex GMT-Master and Master II watches. According to this timeline, the watch has finally stepped out of the shadow of its diving brother. In other words: the Rolex GMT-Master has also become a highly sought-after timepiece. Rolex developed the watch in the 1950s, in collaboration with Pan American Airlines, the world’s largest airline at the time. PanAm started flying intercontinental and, soon after, trans-Atlantic, from New York to London and Paris. Travelers loved the time savings but also suffered jet-lag for the first time, due to time zone differences.

PanAm was worried about the effects on their pilots and asked Rolex to develop a watch that could keep time in two time zones. Rolex took their Turn-o-Graph, upgraded the movement with an additional 24-hrs driving wheel, and added a 24-hr hand. This new travel watch had four hands (hours, minutes, seconds, and the 24-hrs hand) and a rotating bezel with a 24hrs scale. This setting enabled timekeeping in two time zones. The Rolex super clone watches for sale kept home time, while the manually set 24-hrs hand kept destination time. The name GMT-Master comes from Greenwich Mean Time.

Massimo Osti’s luxury Rolex GMT-Master replica watches with sapphire crystal is a reference 16700. This watch was also called the Last Master as it was the last GMT Master. It was discontinued to keep the GMT-Master II in the Rolex collection. Also, it was the last tritium GMT-Master. Because of the colors of the bezel, this blue-red version is also referred to as ‘the Pepsi Rolex’ (there’s also a Coke version with a black-red bezel).

Marina Reflective Jacket

Osti’s best quality fake Rolex GMT-Master watches is presented here with one of his own masterworks: the Stone Island Marina Reflective jacket from 1991. The material of this jacket contains small spheres of glass between its fibers. The material was already in use as reflective taping on uniforms of police, firemen, and nocturnal workers, but Massimo imagined a complete jacket in this material. The effect of this product was supernatural. It was magical and stunning in 1991 when this was presented. Also, the Reflective Jacket was extremely expensive and not affordable for everybody. But it was a life-safer, for instance, in night traffic on a bike or scooter or when thrown overboard into the darkness of the sea. The inside of the Reflective Jacket is made of webbed material, like a net.

Over the years, the Reflective jacket changed in shape, and Osti made winter versions with detachable goose-down liners and even reflective pants. The Reflective jacket became a Stone Island classic; the brand still produces reflective garments and even brought the reflective concept to other materials such as knits. The ones made by Osti have become holy grails, highly sought after by collectors, exactly like certain Rolex replica watches for men. But they have become extremely rare. The Massimo Osti Archive has less than five reflective jackets. Other brands came up with reflective jackets more than 25 years later.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona 6265 (1971 – 1988)

C.P. Company J.P Sartre coat (1990-91)

Rolex Daytona 6265 Replica Watches

The fake Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watches shop site has been connected to car racing since the very beginning. And even today, the watch is sold as ‘a watch born to race’ and ‘the ultimate tool watch for those with a passion for driving and speed’. The first Cosmograph Daytona (6263) was launched in 1963 and was produced until 1969. The Daytona changed from this version into the current chronograph, which is available in several variations. The name Daytona comes from the Daytona endurance race that has been held since 1966 at the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida. Massimo’s Rolex Daytona is a 6265 manual wind caliber 727 (Valjoux). The word ‘swiss’ at six on Massimo’s dial indicates that it is a service dial. It was probably replaced in the late 1990s or early 2000s. From 1998, the (original) tritium dials of these Swiss movements Rolex replica watches were replaced by the luminova dial during a Rolex service. The 6265 came in many new types of dials. The Red Daytona, like Osti’s, was very popular. A few other dials were made only for a very short time, and these Daytona versions are among the rarest and most expensive on the market today.

The C.P. Company J.P. Sartre coat is an example of Osti’s broad interests and inspirations and how he Ostified his inspiration into, in fact, a new product by improving the original concept. Not only military uniforms or utility vests could inspire Massimo, but also clothes people wear daily. When he came across a picture of the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, Massimo liked the ‘informal elegance’ of Sartre’s coat. He copied the basic characteristics and redesigned the coat into a 2.0 version, adding rubber coating, insulated padding, and emery brushing for the cotton and net lining. He adds function to the form and creates a completely new look with his innovative materials and combinations. The first versions were made from sheepskin with leather finishing or cotton with rubber wool finishing (rubber wool is an Osti-invented material). Other collections featured updated variations of the jacket.

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