Return of the cheap replica Rolex Milgauss US

The Milgauss is an interesting watch. It has spent the last few years in a strange position in the perfect replica Rolex catalogue, stylistically stuck somewhere between an Explorer, an Oyster Perpetual and an Air King. As such, it certainly made sense for luxury fake Rolex to finally discontinue the watch in 2023 in its most recent guise. Also came the eventual problem with its main feature: largely unchanged for a number of years, its anti-magnetic properties, for which it receives its name, are now far outmatched these days by high end copy watches with a lower price point. The level of magnetic protection was now considered more of a standard rather than a specialisation. The idea of the best 1:1 replica Rolex Milgauss was losing its footing.

The original 1:1 fake Rolex Milgauss goes back quite some time, it came about in part due to a long-standing relationship between Rolex and CERN, one of the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research, and home to the famed Large Hadron Collider. The original watch was introduced in 1954, with the early references 6543 and 6541 being some of the most revered vintage aaa quality replica Rolex’s around. Most notably, they looked considerably different from the recently discontinued 116400 models. Visually, they were very similar to dive watches of the time, but of course, they featured the internal Faraday cage to protect the movement from magnetic fields. Slowly, they began to evolve, and by around 1960, had gained the now iconic lightning bolt second hand.

So, where does Swiss movement replica Rolex go from here? The partnership with CERN is still alive and well, so it makes sense to revive the Milgauss, but it would also make a lot more sense to make it stand out too. The success of Tudor’s recent Black Bay 54, along with the market’s growing interest in smaller watches, makes me believe that we might see a much smaller US high quality fake Rolex Milgauss this time around. 37mm would be headline-grabbing; it would sit just right and separate it well from its dive watch stablemates, but also be suitable for a much broader bunch of wrists.

It is a tool watch after all, so it might gain some small crown guards, similar to an Air-King, and lose the polished centre links on the Oyster bracelet. One of the biggest changes would take it right back to its roots with a rotating timing bezel, this time in ceramic, of course. Finally, a touch of red once more, which seems to be a theme for my 2024 predictions so far, harking back to the original Milguass. Importantly, the Swiss super clone Rolex Milgauss is all about technology, and it would make absolute sense for the watch to be completely amagnetic. This could be achieved by some funky material usage in the movement, putting it somewhere ahead of its competitors and very much making it worthy of the top super clone Rolex Migauss name.

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