US Swiss Made Replica Rolex 1908 Triple Calendar Moonphase

March 2023 saw the most classical line in perfect replica Rolex’s catalogue cut, with the discontinuation of the final Rolex Cellini. The last remaining watch, consisting of the rose gold Moonphase ref. 50535, had reached a point where luxury fake Rolex US had neglected its Cellini line so much that hardly anyone noticed it was there. The cheap replica Rolex Cellini had got to a point where it had missed the mark badly and was so far removed from the brand’s history it was struggling to stay relevant.

Luckily, we also saw the release of the newest interpretation of a classical wristwatch from best 1:1 replica Rolex, the 1908. It marked the introduction of a new line, which a lot of people viewed as a dull attempt at a dress watch, but I saw something different. I see the result of the last decade or so of AAA quality fake Rolex bringing on board a whole new generation of watch collectors, with the way the so-called “hype cycle” panned out, and watches such as the cheap super clone Rolex GMT-Master II and Submariner drew in a new, younger crowd. Now these collectors are older and hooked, they will need something more suitable to wear for occasions such as weddings, christenings, and, of course, naturally, funerals. These are not really occasions for a 41mm stainless steel Submariner capable of withstanding the pressures of diving deeper than humanly possible. This is why I think the 1908 is more important than we realise.

So what next? While we know Swiss movement replica Rolex can put together a great watch, it’s fair to say that these days, their collection is devoid of interesting classical watches that can stand toe-to-toe with the likes of pretty much anything from Patek Philippe, for example. The high quality fake Rolex 1908 gave Rolex a foundation with which to build a new range of complicated, traditionally styled dress watches and use them to bring in modern interpretations of their historical pieces. One such piece fits the bill perfectly, and that’s the original ref. 6062 Triple Calendar Moonphase. The top copy Rolex 1908 is a perfect stepping stone with which to introduce a contemporary interpretation of the 6062, integrating all the current features.

Keeping it 39mm wide and 9.5mm thick, it would be a sleek dress copy watch that has some character to boot. A triple calendar moonphase would scratch that itch that a lot of people have developed since 6062s have reached astronomical values at auctions these past few years. Finally, the use of a full gold Jubilee bracelet instead of leather would be the icing on the cake because, as we know, back in the day, this was how a lot of best quality replica Rolex 6062’s came originally. Like I mentioned before, I was well on board with the 1908, and if this prediction comes to fruition, this may well be at the top of my most wanted list.

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