US High Quality Fake Rolex Date Reference 1530

Another case of perfect replica Rolex being a little late to a trend, the 1530 is essentially the mechanical predecessor of the Crown’s OysterQuartz. Swiss made fake Rolex made very few 1530s in the mid 1970s before transitioning this style to the quartz-only offering.

Ten years ago, a patient hunter could sometimes snatch up a 1530 for hundreds of dollars, but—as with the 1:1 fake Rolex King Midas before it—the 1530 is in vogue, and its flop at retail means not that many are out there. The two-tone 1630 is around, but most collectors are looking for the full-steel 1530 because integrated bracelet fake watches for sale as a genre seem to call for steel above all else.

We can’t call the Swiss movement replica Rolex 1530 especially rare, but what was barely cresting into four-figures not long ago will, as of this writing, run you around $15,000 from most sellers, and the prices are only going up, despite recent softening of the vintage aaa quality fake Rolex market more generally.

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